Eternal Struggle for Disclosure of Public Information

The delay in publication of the database obtained from the Survey on Living Standards in Nicaragua in 2014 is another example of the difficulty in accessing and viewing in timely manner information which is in the hands of state officials.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Being informed is essential for decision-making in any aspect of life, especially in the field of business. However, it is a common problem in the region to find serious resistance in many state offices to deliver information that, if it´s disclosure is not specifically prohibited by law, should be available to the public.

An article on reports on the delay occurring in the publication of a database with the information generated by the Survey of Living Standards 2014 and also of the Continuous Household Survey, which has not been updated since 2012.

"... In the Presidential Decree No. 68-2011, published in La Gaceta on Monday, December 19, 2011, a policy is established for access to databases of censuses and surveys and in the fifth paragraph, point two says it is established 'based on survey data being accessible to users on the website of the Inide, exclusively for statistical purposes or for research, twelve months after the end of the collection of information' '.

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Open Government is "Fictional"

March 2015

Many of the officials working in Central American governments are annoyed at the idea of the information they handle being accessible to citizens, and one way or another, they are impeding its availability.


"- Send a letter to Mrs Fulana, the person in charge of authorizing the release of information you have requested, stating the reasons for your request".

Costa Rica: Lack of Data on Quality of Cellular Services

February 2015

The information presented by the Telecommunications Authority does not allow consumers to compare the quality offered by different operators.

Data published by the Superintendency of Telecommunications (Sutel) through a virtual map on its website does not specify in detail the quality of the calls, and the coverage of operators in specific parts of the country.

Honduras: Delay in Enforcement of Official Secrets Act

January 2014

Congress has for the moment suspended the enactment of the controversial law approved a few days ago.

The Honduran Congress has for the moment suspended the much opposed law which was believed to be unconstitutional and it has sent it to a special committee for review and definition on whether it contradicts the Law on Access to Information.

Opposition to Secrecy Law in Honduras

January 2014

The Secrecy Act gives power to the owners of institutions to declare secret any information which according to its criteria needs to be hidden.

The Official Secrets and Classification of Public Information Act, which was approved last Wednesday, will be contested through a constitutional case as it is considered to violate citizens right to know how public funds are managed.