Essential Port Infrastructure

The 70% growth in cargo movement through the port of Corinto in the last five years reflects the imperative need for Nicaragua to invest more in port infrastructure.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Even though container movements through Nicaraguan ports are still significantly less than that through other ports in the region, the increase in sea freight traffic and its growth potential compel the government and the sectors involved to think about options for increasing port capacity.

Gustavo Viales, president of the Nicaraguan Association of Shipping Agents (ANAN), reported that "... an average annual growth has been registered of 21% in port management in Corinto ...'Corinto has already become too small and we now need better conditions, both from the point of view of logistics equipment, and space, we are talking about infrastructure, and how to streamline it, how to make all procedures more efficient, without losing sight of the controls over goods which must be in place." reports that "...Marvin Altamirano, president of the Nicaraguan Carriers Association (ATN), agrees that Corinto urgently needs more equipment in order to speed up shipping, while in Cortes, Honduras, each container is dispatched in 4 or 5 minutes, in Corinto it takes half an hour to two hours."

Lack of port capacity to meet the current demand on the Pacific side is compounded by the absence of a deepwater port in the Caribbean. "... In consultation with trade union representatives on the question of whether Nicaragua really needs a deep-water port in the Caribbean, having competitive ports in neighboring countries, they agreed, as exporting through the terminals of Honduras and Costa Rica is an odyssey."

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