Ericsson deploys GSM/EDGE network for Digicel in Panama

The partnership will allow Digicel to offer innovative mobile services to its subscribers in Panama and reinforces Ericsson's role as its preferred supplier in the region.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Under the agreement, Ericsson will be sole supplier of a GSM/EDGE network including radio access network, Mobile Softswitch Solution, mobile backhaul solution with optical and microwave products and Convergent Charging and Billing solution. Ericsson will also be responsible for network deployment, systems integration, and learning services. Deployment has already started.

The introduction of EDGE capability means that operators can cost-effectively increase data capacity in the network and offer high-speed mobile data services over the GSM network. EDGE provides a cost-efficient way to introduce new services and boost the uptake of mobile data services.

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Costa Rica: Proposal for Mobile Data Consumption

October 2015

On October 28th the Telecommunications Superintendency will be giving a public presentation on the charges for downloading via internet on postpaid mobile phones.

From a statement issued by the Superintendency of Telecommunications:

Users will have new charging scheme for postpaid mobile internet

Telefonica Expands Network in Panama

April 2011

In response to growing demand for more services, the company will invest in expanding its network

The operator announced a major plan to expand the network coverage, aiming to reach all the provinces, especially in remote areas where there is significant demand for voice and data traffic services.

Panama: Cable & Wireless to invest $100 million

April 2011

The increased demand for more internet services has led the company to expand its data network.

In order to improve internet coverage offered through its data network, the company put into action an expansion plan that began last year when it invested $50 million.

The significant growth of the company's portfolio of customers is another reason why they are betting on the expansion.

Digicel of Honduras signs agreement with Ericsson

July 2008

The cellular telephone company Digicel Group de Honduras has signed a contract with Ericsson to provide GSM/EDGE services.

This will make Ericsson the main supplier for Digicel for its operations in the Caribbean, El Salvador and now in Honduras.
Under the terms of the agreement, Ericsson will be the only supplier of the GSM/EDGE network, which includes core network, access to radio and microwave transmissions.