Entrepreneurs with no Reasoning

Nonconformists are those who believe, against all reason, that things can be done differently and better. These are the brightest entrepreneurs.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

They are of crazy ideas. Often misunderstood by their social environment and even businesses, which are usually conservative and risk averse.

They are those who dream unreasonable and unworkable projects and are willing to pursue those dreams with such determination that often become a reality.

They are the people who change and advance the world.

The Unreasonable Institute is an organization aiming to annually bring together the best entrepreneurs from around the world to formally provide, as its mission establishes, “wings with which to realize their projects.”

This brotherhood of entrepreneurs seeks to create a global network to capture the more unreasonable innovators who must meet the condition of having a seemingly workable idea that is applicable to at least one million people and has economic viability. The 50 finalists will start working in the Illogical Market, a site that already has attracted 3,000 sponsors from different countries, in which each candidate must prove his strength by raising at least $ 10,000. The first 20 to get that capital will enter the final program which culminates with the presentation of their project in Silicon Valley to potential investors.

See Unreasonable Institute web site

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