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Identifying whether in the logistics chain of crates used for beverage transportation there are possible illegitimate uses and detecting the points in the process where theft is more likely to occur, are part of the problems that can be solved through business intelligence methodologies.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Nowadays, companies and work teams make decisions and design their business strategies through data analysis and the use of tailor-made Business Intelligence solutions.

CentralAmericaData recently supported a corporation dedicated to the distribution of bottled beverages, which needed to identify and dimension, along its distribution chain, the risk of loss and theft of the plastic crates in which it transports the bottles.

In order to solve this problem, a specific and tailor-made methodology was designed and implemented for the client. The Business Intelligence solution consisted of modeling and understanding the existing economic flows between the distribution company, its customers and third parties involved in the distribution process of bottled beverages.

(Illustrative image representing the mobility of people. Each blue dot corresponds to a device at a specific time and location)

Through the model developed, it was possible to identify the points in the process where there is a greater probability that the crates used to transport the beverages are stolen or used illegally.

(Illustrative image showing how it is possible from satellite photos to determine the size of the cargo vehicles and the capacity of the logistics centers)

Throughout the design and implementation phase of this simulation model, CentralAmericaData's team of data scientists drew on a wide variety of data sources, both primary and alternative, public and private, as well as client company proprietary information. Advanced data mining and machine learning techniques were used in the creation of the methodology.

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