Enough Complaining: Four Attitudes for Success

Success is not a destination but a journey without end, which requires a positive attitude, team playing mentality, a mindset for continuous improvement and responsible outlook.

Friday, October 14, 2011

With over 20 years of experience as an executive of IBM, in the ever turbulent business environments of Latin America, the engineer Enrique Baliño says the success is not a destination but a journey without end, and that successful people have to develop four key attitudes: positivity, team playing, continuous improvement and accountability.

In Uruguay and Argentina people who always talk about what is wrong, who find fault with every idea or solution, who make a sport of complaining about everything all the time are called “pale faced”. In his book "No More Pale Faces-Four Attitudes for Success", Enrique Baliño said: "I have observed a set of attitudes that separate people and organizations that have long term success from those that dry up and crumble."

Baliño narrates with great sincerity and depth of his frustrating and painful initial professional failures and explains how he, in a few years, and with the slogan "No more pale faces" changed the culture of the organization and make it a successful and much admired company, capable of achieve goals that were impossible for many others.

"No More Pale Faces" is deeply inspiring and includes topics that are often neglected in self-improvement books, such as the power that every individual has to change the dominant culture and the importance of organization, and team playing, in order to achieve success, be it in a family, a company or a country.

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