Emotional Intelligence vs Productivity

People with a high emotional IQ are a positive influence on work groups. Everyone wants to work with them.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This ability to mediate the mood of a group is considered one of the virtues of Emotional Intelligence as defined by author, psychologist and journalist Daniel Goleman, who generated great interest in the role that emotions play in thinking, decision making and individual success when he published the book Emotional Intelligence in 1995.

"When you are the leader of a team, the impact you have on the emotional state of the whole is greater. Everyone is attentive to the mood of the leader and conforms to it," he says. In his opinion, "mood swings are reflected in levels of production. They tend to be lower when the group is depressed and they rise in the opposite case." Just as the mood of the leader is evaluated by employees, so are their actions. Therefore, Goleman says that the trend in Spain to announce major layoffs through the media, without informing their staff properly beforehand, is a serious error. "When an organization is forced to take these drastic measures, it is necessary to stop and think about the impact they will have on the morale of those who remain in the company," he explains.

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