Electoral campaign starts in El Salvador

With the presentation of their candidates for mayors and lawmakers, the political parties will start an "intense battle" this week in preparation for the general elections in 2009.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"What we are going to see this weekend, is the start of an intense battle to win over electors of which an average of 20% have still not yet decided who they will vote for," the director of the Public Opinion Institute at the Francisco Gavidia University, Mauricio Henriquez. For Henriquez, the major political parties make an effort to publicly present their candidates, since in surveys most of the population believes that lawmakers "do not work for the people."

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Mauricio Funes of the FLMN - Salvadoran President-Elect

March 2009

In declaring himself the winner, Funes emphasized his commitment to respecting the rule of law and constitutional norms.

In a speech with a moderate tone, the winning candidate expressed his conviction to the strengthening of national reconciliation, referring to the peace agreement reached 20 years ago to end the civil war.

FMLN's Candidate Holds Small Lead in El Salvador's Election

March 2009

According to a poll by CID-Gallup, El Salvador's presidential election could be very close. 39% of respondents would vote for Mauricio Funes while 35% would back Rodrigo Ávila.

The article published by Angus Reid Global Monitor on its website states: "In September 2007, Funes became the FMLN’s presidential nominee. In March 2008, Ávila, a former National Police chief, won ARENA’s three-candidate internal nationwide primary."

El Salvador: The FMLN obtains majority in legislative elections

January 2009

With 46.3% of the votes counted, the Elections Tribunal announced that the FMLN had won 37 seats, three more than its main rival, the right-wing Nationalist Republican Alliance.

According to europapress.es: "When confirmed, these results will give the FMLN will have five more lawmakers than in the previous legislature, and would control the Legislative Assembly, the unicameral organ that is made up of 84 lawmakers, with the support of some of the minority parties, according to the 'El Salvador' daily. The old guerrillas managed to improve in the results especially in the eastern part of the country, which is historically unfavorable to the FMLN.

El Salvador: Avila presents running mate

October 2008

ARENA choose businessman Arturo Zablah as running mate for Rodrigo Avila for the March 2009 presidential election.

"I have invited him to be on the presidential ticket," Avila announced last night at a press conference at ARENA headquarters, surrounding by fully session of COENA, lawmakers, and department heads from the Party.