El Salvador's Geothermal Potential

With an investment of $1.5 billion El Salvador could add 440 MW to the 204 MW already produced with geothermal energy sources.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The projections were made by Julio Valdivieso, president of the company LaGeo . Furthermore, Toshitaka Takeuchi, energy specialist at the Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID), said El Salvador could generate up to 644 megawatts (440 megawatts more than it already has as installed capacity).

According to Valdivieso, "unlike other renewable energy sources, the discovery and exploitation of a geothermal well requires a significant investment, with varying success probabilities," reported Elmundo.com.sv. The cost of maintaining a geothermal well in order for it to produce profits is between about $6 million and $8 million.

According to the Master Plan for the Development of Renewable Energy of the National Energy Council (CNE) the country's capacity could grow to 791 MW, of which 644 MW would be related to energy generation in 12 points where there could be geothermal wells.

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Another Geothermal Field in El Salvador

August 2013

After an initial phase of exploration in Chinameca, San Miguel, LaGeo is to start feasibility studies for a 50 MW plant.

"The whole project takes four years from drilling up until it is exploited, depending on the soil type you have. We believe that it will be functioning by 2016 or 2017," said the president of the geothermal power generation company (LaGeo), Julio Valdivieso.

New Geothermal Well in El Salvador

May 2013

LaGeo could exploit geothermal energy in a new well located in San Vicente, generating 30 to 40 megawatts.

The company LaGeo invested about $24 million in the exploration which led to the discovery of the new geothermal source.

As outlined in an article in Eleconomista.net, the Executive Hydroelectric Commission of the Lempa River (CEL), a partner in the LA GEO which belongs to the Italian company Enel, states that "a possible plant could generate more than $37 million in annual revenues for the company."

Investment in Geothermal Exploration Announced

January 2012

LaGeo, the company dedicated to power generation, has announced an investment of $41 million in geothermal exploration in El Salvador.

The exploration will be directed specifically towards the fields of Chinameca and San Vicente, over which the company holds a concession, announced its president Julio Valdivieso.

New Geothermal Power Plant in El Salvador

August 2009

Explorations by LaGeo point out that the country's third geothermal energy plant could be located in Chinameca.

Napoleón Guerrero is the president of energy company LaGeo. He states that in the current stage of the exploration process "...evidence suggests Chinameca as the location of the third geothermal energy plant".