El Salvador to Spend Millions Operating Port La Unión

Lack of private capital interested in operating the port has forced the Salvadoran government to undertake its administration.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Guillermo López Suárez, president of CEPA, the port authority, confirmed the government's decision of assuming administration of the port, remarking that "this does not mean that a concession possibility is ruled out. We do this to make use of an asset of the state, generating jobs and development. We well do it prudently, so we do not compromise a future concession of the port".

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El Salvador: Port La Unión is Inaugurated Amidst Controversy

June 2010

According to private operators, shipping companies will continue using port Acajutla, so the new port would only generate losses for the Salvadoran state.

The port, completed on January 2008, has been inoperative since then, because it lacks the necessary equipment, and because the government has not yet defined and approved a concession model for a private operator.

El Salvador Port Concession Unresolved

July 2009

Some of the proposals reviewed include making CEPA the administrator and operator of the port of La Unión.

Guillermo López Suárez, president of the port commission known as CEPA, is working on a new proposal. This proposal includes an updated diagnostic of the situation.

El Salvador To Take Up Again Port Concessions

June 2009

The new CEPA president will analyze proposed legislation for port concessions, which is now in the Legislature.

José Guillermo López Suárez, president of the Autonomous Port Executive Committee (CEPA) said that the best proposal in terms of state participation in the mixed society with a first class operator will be announced after the analysis.

El Salvador: Reduction of premium for port concession under consideration

November 2008

The premium that the port operators would have to pay could change due to the new international financial situation.

Internatinal operators that are interested in the La Union and Acajutla ports have said tot he Autonomous Executive Port Commission that the economic conditions to compete for the management of the port system in El Salvador are changing due to the global crisis.