El Salvador to Issue $350 million in Bonds

The Ministry of Finance plans to issue before the end of the year the balance remaining on the $1,150 million in bonds approved by Congress in May.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Amid criticism from the opposition and the private sector over the continued increase in public debt, the government is preparing for the end of the year the issuance of $350 million, the remainder of the $110 million which was requested and approved by Congress in May.

Jesus Roberto Solorzano, deputy finance minister, told Elsalvador.com that "... Yes, they are going to do it this year. Remember that a bond issue is not simple, it is something that has different aspects and different stages of financial order and legal order. "

'... The fiscal deficit for this year will be around 4% of GDP, compared to what they had budgeted they would collect. Tax revenues have been less than $250 million. "

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Guatemala Awards $12 Million in Debt

August 2019

The Ministry of Finance Awarded Treasury Bonds in local currency for $12 million, at a cut-off rate of 6.45% and maturing in November 2039.

The global amount awarded of Treasury Bonds of the Republic of Guatemala up to date, including those made through public biddings and auctions ascended to Q.18,179.65 million ($2.360 million), corresponding to Fiscal Year 2019, of which Q.19.01 million ($2.46 million correspond to the awards of Treasury Bonds for small investors), informed an official source.

Stock Market: Guatemala - El Salvador Union

July 2019

Authorities from both countries agreed to work on the unification of their stock markets, starting with the issuance of a quota of Guatemalan subsidized debt directed to Salvadoran investors.

Representatives of the Guatemalan Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance of El Salvador informed that before the end of this fiscal year, the Guatemalan subsidized debt will be approximately $13 million.

El Salvador: Dangerous Increase in Government Debt

April 2015

Instead of cutting back on spending, the State has once again called on the Legislature to approve borrowing another $900 million, which will bring total debt to a record of nearly $17 billion.

Currently it is estimated that GDP is around $25 billion, meaning that state debt represents 68% of national production, excluding interest payments.

Guatemala Places $32 million in Bonds

January 2013

On January 15, 2013 Guatemala started the issuance of Treasury Bonds for fiscal year 2013.

A press release from the Ministry of Finance, Guatemala reads:

The Ministry of Finance successfully launched this January 15, 2013, a placement of Treasury Bonds by the Republic of Guatemala for fiscal year 2013, approved by Decree No.