El Salvador says "Hello" to China

Following the path chosen by its neighbors Panama and Costa Rica, the Salvadoran government has announced the opening of diplomatic relations with China and a rupture with Taiwan.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Reactions to the announcement by President Salvador Sánchez Cerén did not take long. The US government expressed its opposition, stating that the decision will bring negative consequences for El Salvador, while opposition politicians accused the government of wanting to ease the way for China to be granted the concession to operate the port of La Unión.

Elsalvador.com reports that "... US Ambassador Jane Manes had already highlighted China's interest in the region. Recently, the official said that Continental China intends to venture into Central America and the Caribbean, using the weakest flanks of these countries with an interest in "militarizing the region."  In the case of El Salvador, the entry channel would be China's investment in the Port of La Union, Manes said."

In a statement, the Sanchez Cerén administration indicated that "... El Salvador and China will immediately set up a dialogue mechanism between representatives of both countries to "identify potentials" in trade, investment, cooperation, tourism, support for micro and medium enterprises, said the President."

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