El Salvador has Only Small Margin for Borrowing

The government has already reached 72% of the maximum amount of issuance of Treasury Bills that is permitted by law, and it only has $370 million available to borrow this year.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Given the critical fiscal situation, the Sanchez Ceren administration is insisting in the Legislature on the approval of a bill to issue another $1.2 billion in debt. According to the government, several commitments can not meet unless these funds are available. For the remainder of the year the only remaining possibility is the issuance of $370 million in short-term debt in the local market.

"... According to statistics from the National Stock Exchange, available on its website, with the issue on September 9 for $88 million, the historical issuances together add up to $956,878,000, 72% of the limit."

Elmundo.sv reports that the government "... now, only has $370,465,619 available with which to acquire more short - term debt. The Treasury department today made its thirty-fifth issue of the year, and will be offering $20 million in Treasury bills on the stock market, meaning that the margin is expected to shrink even more."

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El Salvador: Less Options for Resolving Fiscal Problem

July 2016

The inability to carry out the issuance of $900 million further limits the possibilities of solving the fiscal problem affecting the country.

The Sanchez Ceren administration had intended to use the proceeds to refinance debt, pay pensions of officials and allocate funds to the Ministry of Education, according to the explanation given by the authorities at the Ministry of Finance.

El Salvador: Concerns Over State's Ability to Pay

June 2016

The government looks like it will be unable to cope with its obligations in the second half of the year, because "there is no money to make it to the end of the year."

Figures from the Salvadoran Foundation for Economic Development (Fusades) indicate that the current balance of government debt (Treasury bills) now exceeds $900 million, and to meet its obligations in the second half of the year $500 million more is needed, which will have also have to be borrowed.

El Salvador: Dangerous Increase in Government Debt

April 2015

Instead of cutting back on spending, the State has once again called on the Legislature to approve borrowing another $900 million, which will bring total debt to a record of nearly $17 billion.

Currently it is estimated that GDP is around $25 billion, meaning that state debt represents 68% of national production, excluding interest payments.

The State of Guatemala Could Issue Another $1.9 billion

November 2014

With the recent consent given by the Banguat for a new issuance of new debt totalling $1,917 million to finance the 2015 budget, the fiscal deficit could exceed 2.5% of GDP.

The private sector is not looking favorably on the approval given by the Monetary Board of the Bank of Guatemala for the possible issuance of $1.917 million in debt to finance part of the 2015 expenses, because the fiscal deficit would rise to levels above that considered acceptable in economic terms.