El Salvador: Telecoms Companies Form Chamber

Claro, Digicel, Telefónica and Tigo have grouped in the Salvadoran Chamber of Telecommunications.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

An article on Elfinancierocr.com reports that "... The four major mobile and fixed phone companies in El Salvador, Claro, Digicel, Telefónica and Tigo have announced the establishment of the Salvadoran Chamber of Telecommunications, a non-profit organization that will help ensure sectorial expansion, deployment, enhancement and development of networks and the telecommunications industry in the country, according to a press release. "

In a press release, it was reported that "... Casatel will promote strong partnerships between the different actors that make up the broad telecommunications system, advocating a transparent, open and stable regulatory framework that will support communications and information technologies (ICT) making them a pillar of strategies for competitiveness for El Salvador. "

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More Software Exports From Panama

February 2013

The software business has generated $195 million for the country in the last nine years, and in 2012 exports exceeded $25 million.

According to an article in Panamaamerica.com.pa, since 2004, when exports in this segment totaled $14.4 million, through to 2011, the business has almost doubled having grown by 74.3% or to $25.1 million, and it is estimated that in 2012 this figure will be superseded , as up to September the figure was $23.1 million.

The ICT Sector in El Salvador

June 2012

Results of a study entitled "Development of the value chain for products in the Information and Communications Technologies Sector (ICTs) in El Salvador" have been released.

A statement from The Ministry of Economy reads:

MINEC seeks to position El Salvador as a source of technological development

Amnet - Telefonica Mutiservicios Merger Application Submitted

February 2012

The Superintendency of Competition in El Salvador has agreed to process a merger request by Amnet and Multi Telefónica.

From the press release from the Superintendency of Competition in El Salvador:

The Superintendency of Competition (SC) has accepted an application for authorization of an economic concentration by the Telecommunications companies Amnet and Telefonica SA Multi, due to Amnet’s purchase of a client list and some assets directly related to the provision of telephone and internet services from the company Telefónica Multiservicios.

Costa Rica: 10 IT Companies Sold the State $ 287 million

March 2011

The 2010 list is lead by National Telecommunications and Networking Company CMW with $ 58 million.

Second place goes to Oracle with $ 48 million, followed by Ericsson AB with $ 28.5 million and Unisys of Central America in fourth place with $ 25 million.

According to the Integrated Contract Information System of the Comptroller General of the Republic, "the entity which drove these purchases was the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE), the only current mobile operator in the local market since the start of operations by Claro and Telefonica is expected only during the second half of 2011," informed IT NOW on their website.

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