El Salvador: Tax Reform to be Discussed with Companies

The Government will create a commission to discuss the tax reform project with private enterprises.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Alex Segovia, Technical Secretary for the President, explained that this commission will analyze the proposal, in order to modify aspects that may could affect the country.

"We are not negotiating with ANEP (Private Enterprise Association), nor with any sector, this is part of a policy focused on dialogue and agreements", told Segovia to newspaper La Prensa Gráfica.

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El Salvador: Changes Promised in Tax Reform Bill

May 2014

The government has agreed to modify the terms of the tax reform proposal to take into account criticisms made by the private sector.

Salvadoran private companies have outlined to officials the adverse effects that the country would face if the proposed new tax measures were applied, receiving signals of openness to a discussion from the Government, who for the first time since 2009 and 2010 has agreed to negotiate tax reforms with entrepreneurs.

Costa Rica: Fast Track for Fiscal Plan

September 2011

The draft ‘Law on Solidarity Tax’ must be discussed and ruled on within a month.

The Legislative Assembly has approved a fast track process for the bill proposed by the government, which has generated controversy in previous months, due to the opposition generated by the private sector over sections of the law proposed by President Chinchilla’s administration.

Salvadoran Businessmen Oppose Higher Taxes

February 2011

Private business leaders spoke out against the creation of new taxes and increasing income tax.

"The private sector struggles between uncertainty and anger, after a study by Eurasia ensures that the Salvadoran Government is expected to approve an increase to the ceiling of income tax, a new estate tribute and a security levy," Laprensagrafica.com reports.

Salvadoran Tax Reform Now In Force

January 2010

The new tax rules came into effect today, after being published in the official government newspaper.

Changes include new taxes to alcoholic beverages, tobacco, energy drinks and fuels, in addition to new taxes when registering vehicles, boats and planes, either for personal or commercial usage.