El Salvador: Seed Purchase Without Tender

The American Chamber of Commerce has criticized the award of business to a small group of companies selected by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Companies who were not invited to participate in the committee for the procurement of maize seed implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) doubt the legal framework of the panel as it differs from the normal purchasing process using format of a tender.

Laprensagrafica.com reports: "Carmen Aida Munoz, director of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), said that within the union ​​several analyzes have been made, because foreign companies have not been able to participate."They have not supported the mechanism. We do not know what the legal basis is' she said."

"Hugo Flores, deputy minister of the MAG, said the choice of making the seed purchases through invitations to suppliers "allows purchases to be made in less time. National and international producers were invited," said Hugo Flores, deputy minister at the MAG".

He added in an article Laprensagrafica.com that "each 25 pound bag of seed was bought at $26 from 15 local associations. "The price of international seed is double that of domestic seed, which was the main criteria for the purchase," said Flores. "

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Despite a reduction in the budget, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock plans to allocate $16.2 million to the purchase of agricultural products.

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A government decree will limit the purchase of foreign certified seeds of maize and beans, prioritizing Salvadoran producers.

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