El Salvador: Registration of Food Companies

An announcement has been made that from March food businesses will be able to register with the Ministry of Health online, and from 2016 they will be able to digitally register products.

Friday, January 30, 2015

From a statement issued by the Salvadoran Association of Industries (ASI):

The Salvadoran Industry Association, ASI, held an informative conference on changes in the procedures for registration of food, in order to inform entrepreneurs about the improvements that the Department of Environmental Health, Ministry of Health has made in the procedure for registering both locally produced and imported food.

It was revealed that Article 95 of the Health Code establishes the Sanitary Registration of food and prohibits the import, export, trade, manufacturing, processing, storage, transportation, sale or any other form of supplies to the public, of packaged or wrapped food or beverages for inscription whose entry into the registry hasnot been made.

It was also explained that the main improvements implemented are:

• Reduction in the number of days to get registration.
• Improved software to streamline processes.
• Shorten process and response time.

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Panama: Suspension of Food Registrations

August 2015

From August 14th to 24th digital applications will not be received for the Registering of Pre-packaged Foods nor for update procedures and annexes to labels, due to system maintenance.

From a statement issued by the Panamanian Food Safety Authority (AUPSA):

Panama City / The Panamanian Authority for Food Safety (AUPSA), informs its users that for eight days the receipt of digital applications for Registration of Pre-packaged Foods and procedures for updating / attaching labels, will be suspended.

Health Registration for Food Imports Digitized

January 2015

The Panamanian Food Safety Authority has announced that from February 2015 health records of imported foods will be handled digitally for all countries.

From a statement issued by from the Panamanian Food Safety Authority (UPSA):

In order to improve control systems and procedures, the General Manager of the Panamanian Food Safety Authority (AUPSA), Dr.

Registration Procedures Digitialized in Panama

October 2014

An announcement has been made that as of October 24th all registration formalities in the registry may be made electronically through a new platform.

From a statement issued by the Public Registry of Panama:

In order to optimize the services offered to users and the general public, the Public Registry of Panama, within the framework of modernization, will run the Registry Electronic Registration System (CRS), a new technology platform that will provide greater legal certainty over private property and other rights on goods which are registered with the entity.

Costa Rica: Delays in Sanitation Registrations Continue

June 2014

Importers are complaining that the "Regístrelo" (RegisterIt) digital system is malfunctioning, and that it is not possible to carry out the steps manually, generating delays of up to five months in these processes.

Although the official announcement of the implementation of the new platform emphasized that one of the benefits was the reduction of timeframes, the import sector is criticizing delays of up to five months in processing health records granted by the Ministry of Health. Added to this is the fact that the system was made obligatory, there was not a period for improvements and now there are no other official instruments to use to register products.