El Salvador: Public Investments Planned for 2020

Road maintenance for $258 million, construction of an overpass for $58 million and the development of an energy park for $19 million, are some of the investments included in the 2020 National General Budget project.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Regarding the general amount of public investment included in the Fodes de las Alcaldías, the project discussed in the Assembly contemplates that by 2020 it would reach $1.243 million, an amount that would be 23% higher than that approved for 2019.

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Elmundo.sv reports that for next year "... $258.24 million would be destined to projects of the Road Conservation Fund of El Salvador (Fovial) for $134.44 million, together with Fomilenio II that would have $122.5 million, and the National Popular Housing Fund (Fonavipo) has an allocation of $205,715."

The article adds that "... The Lempa River (Cel) Hydroelectric Executive Commission would have the largest allocation for public investment in 2020, with $170.66 million. The Treasury indicates that the budget for the autonomous would exceed $23.35 million from $147.30 million in 2019."

The allocation to Cel would be to continue the El Chaparral hydroelectric project and would also have an allocation for the construction of the 15 de Septiembre photovoltaic plant.

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February 2020

AES Panama announced that during 2020 it will invest in the construction of four photovoltaic parks, which will have an installed capacity of 10 MW each.

The development of the parks that will be located in the provinces of Herrera, Los Santos and Chiriqui, will be in charge of Elecnor S.A., the company to which AES Panama awarded the construction contracts.

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With the deadline for Congress to approve the 2020 public budget expiring, the Guatemalan government must work with the 2019 budget, so some investments in public infrastructure could come to a halt in the first months of the year.

Last November 30, the deadline for the Congress of the Republic to approve the draft budget of income and expenditures of the nation for 2020, which amounted to Q91.9 billion ($11.9 billion) and was not endorsed by most deputies.

Tender for 20 MW Solar Plant Announced

November 2019

The Salvadoran government is preparing to begin the tender process in 2020 to build a new photovoltaic plant in Usulután, which will have a capacity of 20 MW and will require an investment of approximately $19 million.

The project of the new solar power plant is contemplated in the General Budget of the Nation of 2020, therefore, if approved by the Legislative Assembly, the Executive Hydroelectric Commission of the Lempa River (CEL) will initiate the public tender next year.

Plans to Build Solar Plant

November 2017

Capella Solar plans to begin the construction of a photovoltaic generation plant in Usulután, El Salvador, in the second quarter of 2018, with an estimated $150 million investment.

Capella Solar obtained two contracts to supply 100 MW of energy in the tender to supply 170 MW of renewable energy led by DELSUR and whose winners were announced on 11 January. To comply with these contracts, the plant, which will be built on a 465-acre lot in Usulután, must be ready to begin uploading power to the grid in April 2019. The estimated investment is $70 million.