El Salvador: Preparations for Tender for Geothermal Plant

The aim is to have ready by the end of the year designs and technical specifications for the power plant, in order to tender construction of the plant which will use the CHI-3 geothermal well.

Monday, July 6, 2015

At the official opening of the CHI-3 well in the town of Chinameca, it was highlighted that there is "... potential to generate 6 megawatts / hour (MW / h), which belongs to a geothermal field in the area with a potential of approximately 50 MW / h. "

Laprensagrafica.com reports that "... The president of the Executive Hydroelectric Commission of the Lempa River, David López Villafuerte said that they are now in the process of making the design and technical specifications for the power plant. The official said they expect to have the technical specifications of the plant later this year to in order to begin preparing tenders. "

"... CEL plans to invest a total of $330 million for the geothermal field in Chinameca, to be obtained with a combination of own funds from LaGeo and other financing. "

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After the last judgment which was unfavorable to El Salvador, officials have announced the continuation of the legal battle against Enel.

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