El Salvador Opens Embassy in Cuba

Now the countries have fully reestablished diplomatic relations between them.

Monday, March 15, 2010

These were ended on 1961, and resumed on June 2009.

“Both chancellors expect to sign a framework agreement to foster trade”, reported Laprensagrafica.com.

Hugo Martínez, Salvadoran state minister, commented that “Cuba will be important in a program for those injured in the Salvadoran Wars, which ended in 1992 with peace agreements sponsored by the United Nations”.

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El Salvador Opens Embassy in China

April 2019

Through the new diplomatic headquarters in Beijing, the Salvadoran government aims to deepen relations with the Asian giant.

The opening of the Salvadoran government's embassy in China will help to further strengthen the relationship of friendship, trade and cooperation between the two nations, reported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador.

Costa Rica Establishes Diplomatic Relations With UAE

March 2010

The Costa Rican State Department announced it has agreed to establish diplomatic relations with the United Arab Emirates.

In the past 4 years, Costa Rica established diplomatic relations with 20 countries.

The countries decided to establish relations in order to promote mutual understanding, strengthen friendship and cooperation between both countries in politics, economy, culture and science.

Honduras Resumes Relations With Various Countries

February 2010

Up to date, Honduras has resumes diplomatic relations with Guatemala, Colombia, Peru and Canada.

Chancellor Mario Canahuati explained they are working with the United States to unfreeze economic aid.

Canahuati added: “We have also welcomed the ambassadors of Italy and Germany, and the delegates from Spain and France are on their way. We also made progress with Finland, Turkey and Morocco”.

El Salvador Looks to Asia

January 2010

Hugo Martínez, Salvadoran Chancellor, visited South Korea, as the country looks to expand its diplomatic and trade ties with the Eastern Asian region.

Last week, at the Forum for East Asia - Latin America Cooperation in Tokio, El Salvador signed agreements with Taiwan and Japan.