El Salvador Opens Embassy in China

Through the new diplomatic headquarters in Beijing, the Salvadoran government aims to deepen relations with the Asian giant.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The opening of the Salvadoran government's embassy in China will help to further strengthen the relationship of friendship, trade and cooperation between the two nations, reported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador.

See "El Salvador says "Hello" to China"

he Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (PROESA), reported through its social networks that its president, Sigfrido Reyes participated in the inauguration of the Embassy of El Salvador in the People's Republic of China, with the participation of the Vice Chancellor of China, diplomatic representatives of other countries and the Salvadoran community in China.

Review Laprensagrafica.com that "... The future will demonstrate that the establishment of diplomatic ties is in line with the course of time and the long-term interest of our peoples, and that it will continue to bring benefits to both countries,' said in a press conference the spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Geng Shuang."

The article adds that "... the opening of diplomatic ties has resulted in an 82 % increase in Salvadoran exports to China, which last year imported 210,000 tons of sugar from the Central American country," said Geng Shuang."

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