El Salvador: Law Against Extortion In Effect

President Sanchez Ceren has passed a Special Law Against Crime Extortion, which aims to improve the fight against the unfortunate practice which primarily affects the business sector.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

From a statement issued by the presidency of El Salvador:

The president, Salvador Sanchez Ceren, has sanctioned Legislative Decree No. 953 containing the Special Law Against Crime Extortion, proposed by the government to streamline the prosecution of this crime.

Article 1 of the Act states that it aims to "provide for criminal and special procedural regulations as well as measures of administrative nature for the prevention, investigation, prosecution and punishment of the crime of extortion."

This legislation was unveiled by President Sanchez Ceren on February 11 and presented the same day to the Legislative Assembly by the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Benito Lara.

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April 2016

The guild of merchants in Chiriqui has denounced the growing amounts of extortion by organized crime organizations, mainly affecting small businesses in the province.

The Chamber of Commerce of Chiriqui stated that "... among the criminal activities of most concern to informal businesses are links to illicit financing with cash flows in clandestine opportunities, drug dealing, illegal circulation of money and making links with gangs. "

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March 2016

Businessmen have stated their categorical opposition to statements made by a government official that confuse extortion with the funding of organized crime.

The statements by the Technical Secretary of the Presidency of El Salvador, Roberto Lorenzana, against companies in the country that suffer from extortion caused a strong reaction from the private sector, four days after Industrias La Constancia publicly announced that it was suspending operation of its plants because of increasing insecurity and violence.

New Measures to Combat Extortion in El Salvador

May 2013

The Government will be seeking support from the private sector in order to create an antiextorsion model in order to initiate an attack against those who commit this crime.

"We will have a meeting with them in order to examine the possibility of forming an antiextorsion board.

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The lack of government capacity and economic power disadvantage compared to the drug industry, has lead to an increase in violence and corruption.

"Using systematic violence and corruption, intimidation and extortion of public officials, the wealthy and powerful criminal groups have been able to weaken police and judicial systems.