El Salvador: Investment Projects for Fomilenio II

Construction of roads, renovation and expansion of airports, an industrial park in Zacatecoluca and works at the border crossings in La Hachadura and Anguiatú are the top five proposals to be developed using funding from the U.S. aid program.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The proposals presented to the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) will be developed through public-private partnerships, and will receive technical and financial support for the creation of the partnerships. Wiliam Pleites, executive director of the board of FOMILENIO II, presented the first five projects and said that three new proposals will be presented to be analysed and approved by the MCC.

Laprensagrafica.com reports on the first five projects submitted:

"... Widening of the road that leads from El Delirio (department of San Miguel) to El Carmen (Department of La Union) which practically involves going over the lagoon at Olomega. "

"... Renovation and expansion of the airport at Ilopango (San Salvador), which already receives commercial flights from abroad run by low-cost airlines.

"... The third proposal is to extend the cargo area in the Monseñor Romero airport. The idea is to align this sector with the plans they have for passenger services. The Government aims to expand the capacity of the airport of La Paz and modernize it... ".

The fourth proposal involves the construction of an industrial park in Zacatecoluca, in the department of La Paz. This park would be supplemented by a scientific and technological park.

The fifth project is intervention at the border posts in La Hachadura (Ahuachapán) and Anguiatú (Santa Ana). "... According to Pleites in Guatemala they are also discussing the possibility of concessioning the customs border with La Hachadura. Eventually, if all goes as expected, this could also be considered for Amatillo (La Union). "

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March 2019

The feasibility study for the creation of a PPP will be carried out in the project for the extension of the 43-kilometer stretch between the La Hachadura Border Crossing and the CA12 Road.

From the Fomilenio II statement:

March 7, 2019. The Fondo del Milenio II (FOMILENIO II) and the consortium Unión de Personas Corredor Pacífico (UDP Corredor Pacífico) signed on this day the contract to carry out technical-economic pre-feasibility studies for a possible Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project between La Hachadura Border Crossing and CA12 Highway (Kilo 5). The investment for these pre-feasibility studies will be US$1.5 million. The PPP project seeks to finance, build and maintain the expansion of a 43-kilometer stretch of road.

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In the four years that the law of associations between the State and private companies in El Salvador has been in effect, not a single infrastructure project has been able to materialize using this business scheme.

Although there are at least seven infrastructure projects that were initially proposed as being those with the highest priority and ideals to be developed under the public-private partnership scheme and with funding from Fomilenio II, none of them has managed to materialize. 

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July 2016

In El Salvador the possibility is being evaluated of making improvements needed by the airport under the guise of a public-private partnership, under the Fomilenio II program.

The executive director of Fomilenio II, Wiliam Pleitez, told Elmundo.sv that "...The pre-feasibility study to determine improvements at the airport ...

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A wind farm, street lighting, improvements in the airport's cargo terminal, a technology park and improvements in customs offices, are the five proposals which have been passed on for a further stage of analysis.

The five projects will be evaluated in a second instance to determine whether they are viable for development via public-private partnerships using funding from the Fomilenio II program.