El Salvador: Insurance Sector in the First Half of 2015

In June 2015, the Salvadoran insurance industry recorded a growth rate of 4%, higher than the 2.4% increase recorded in the first half of 2014.

Friday, October 23, 2015

From a report by Fitch Ratings Central America:

Continuous growth: In June 2015, the insurance industry of El Salvador recorded a growth rate of 4% compared to the first half of 2014 (1S14), given a growth in the economy of 2.4%, according to central bank data. According to Fitch Ratings, economic growth will reach 2%, thus restricting the increase in premiums which could be 6% by the end of 2015. This will be influenced by the use of non-traditional marketing channels, creating opportunities in new market segments, especially through micro personal and bank insurance lines.

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Profitability of Pension Insurance in El Salvador

May 2016

According to Fitch Ratings, pension insurance has become a problem in terms of technical profitability for the companies that sell them.

From a statement issued by Fitch Ratings:

Fitch Ratings - San Salvador - (April 28, 2016):

Pension insurance has become a challenge in terms of technical profitability for sellers, says Fitch Ratings.

Insurance in Panama Grows as Same Pace as Economy

January 2014

With an increase of 9% compared to 2012, in 2013 total premiums added up to $1.244 billion, a record in the country and the highest in Central America.

The Panamanian insurance industry closed 2013 with $1.244 million in premiums, while in 2012 the figure was $1.138 billion, which represents an increase of 9.2%.This figure is the highest in Central America.

Insurance in Guatemala Up 7.3%

September 2013

During the first eight months of 2013 insurance market premiums generated $425 million, while in the same period of 2012 the figure was $396 million.

The data was supplied by the Guatemalan Association of Insurance Institutions (Agis), which states that 20% of the market is made up of premiums from life policies, 29% for accident and health and the remaining 51% belongs to damage.

Changes in Nicaraguan Insurance Market

May 2013

Private insurers are beginning to outperform the state insurance company and have so far captured a 40% market share.

The ranking of the premiums made by the Superintendency of Banks and Other Financial Institutions (Siboif) reveals that in the case of Seguros América S.A.,in the first quarter of 2013, they led the market with 29.3% of the sector.