El Salvador: Freight to Get More Expensive

The union of transporters has warned that if the increase in the fuel tax is approved, "the cost of transporting cargo to Guatemala will rise by $12.75."

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The bill proposed by the executive branch will raise to $0.37 the contribution used to finance the Road Maintenance Fund (FOVIAL), and transport companies say that if it is approved, the cost of freight to haul cargo in and out of the territory will rise.

"...Consulted by Diario El Mundo, Raul Alfaro, president of the Salvadoran Association of International Freight Transporters (ASTIC) estimated that if the Assembly increases, from $0.20 to $0.37, the contribution paid for each gallon of fuel, the cost of moving cargo to Guatemala, for example, will rise by $12.75."

ANEP's president, Luis Cardenal, "... urged [them] to be 'more creative' and to avoid this rise, as it will increase business costs, the country will become less competitive and generally Salvadorans' pockets will be affected. "

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Freight Transport: Freight Cost Up 10%

June 2021

Salvadoran carriers estimate that between January and May 2021, the cost of freight between El Salvador and Guatemala has increased from $500 to $548, a rise that is largely explained by the increase in the price of diesel.

Representatives of the Asociacion Salvadorena de Transportistas Internacionales de Carga (ASTIC) state that in recent months the price of a gallon of diesel has increased by $0.63 in the central zone.

Regional Freight Strike Suspended

July 2013

After the Salvadoran Supreme Court suspended the Fonat law, carriers decided to resume their work.

"There is no longer a reason for the strike," said Raul Alfaro, president of the Association of International Cargo Transporters (ASTIC).

"The Chamber accepted a constitutional challenge submitted by the ASTIC against the collection of accident insurance, namely the Fund for Victims of Traffic Accidents (Fonat), from which the Legislature excluded foreign transporters, but not Salvadorans," noted an article in Elsalvador.com.

El Salvador: Insured Truckers Won't Pay FONAT

June 2013

An agreement has been made to reform the law "Fondo de Atención para Víctimas de Accidentes de Tránsito" (Fund for Attention to Traffic Accident Victims) to exempt carriers carriers who already have private insurance from additional charges.

The agreement was reached in the Finance Committee of the Salvadoran Congress after the Salvadoran Association of International Freight Carriers (ASTIC by its initials in Spanish) threatened to paralyze the service at all of the country's border crossings, on 1 July.

Freight Rates Up 30%

April 2012

The Salvadoran Association of International Cargo Transport has announced that from next week there will be an adjustment in freight prices.

Raul Alfaro, president of the Salvadoran Association of International Cargo Carriers (ASTIC), said that what carriers want is an adjustment of freight prices, which they have avoided for a long time despite increases in the price of diesel.