El Salvador Could Open Trade Office in China

In order to exploit the opportunities offered by the Chinese market, the Salvadoran government is studying a way to do it without affecting relations with Taiwan.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A study of relations with People's Republic of China, conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador concluded that for this year, 2013, the country could open a commercial office in the Asian nation.

"... The letter explains that the objective of the business office is to "make the best efforts for economic promotion between the People's Republic of China (PRC) and El Salvador ... ", noted an article in Elmundo.com.sv.

"There is no doubt that business relations with the People's Republic of China were deficient for El Salvador, as 2012 closed with a deficit of - $599,837,513. To date, in March 2013, the trend is similar: the current deficit is $54,332,124 ", according to the study ...".

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Guatemala's Delay in Trading with China

June 2013

The announced opening of a sales office in China is being urged by the business sector, which believes that the current policy to the second largest economy in the world is unsustainable.

Carlos Gonzalez, an analyst at the Association for Research and Social Studies (ASIES) believes that there is a delay on the part of Guatemala in trade between the two nations, because China has invaded the national market and it is necessary to have a presence in that large country.

Guatemala May Open Trade Office in China

June 2012

For next year the country is contemplating opening a trade office in China, in order to facilitate trade relations.

Sergio de la Torre, Minister of Economy said at a press conference, "We are looking at (the possibility of) having a trade office in China in order to facilitate trade, which has nothing to do with the political sphere", without breaking the commercial ties with Taiwan.

Nicaragua Broadens Trade Links with China

May 2011

Private sector representatives have opened the first commercial office in China.

In order to increase trade relations between Nicaragua and the Asian giant, whose investments are increasing in presence in Central America, the Nicaraguan Chamber of Commerce has opened a private office in Beijing.

China Opens Trade Office in El Salvador

October 2010

On October 25th the China Chamber of Commerce will open an office in San Salvador.

As reported by the Chinese Salvadoran Friendship Association, the office aims to provide advice and information in order to promote bilateral relations between both countries.

"This is an office that will issue advice, care and support to our entrepreneurs so they can have support and convenience in developing their business in the PRC," the president of the China-El Salvador Friendship Association, Manuel Flores, told Efe.