El Salvador: Consolidated Cargo to Los Angeles

Beginning in June, P&S International Logistics will offer ocean freight shipments directly from El Salvador to Los Angeles.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beginning in June, P&S International Logistics will offer the first maritime consolidated freight shipment services directly from El Salvador to Los Angeles. The route, which will be carried out with the APL shipping company, will have an estimated transit time of 8 to 10 days, and it will also operate from Los Angeles to El Salvador.

An article in Laprensagrafica.com contained statements by Oscar Quintanilla from P&S International Logistics: "Large and small exporters are limited in their exports because there is no direct service to the Los Angeles market, only for full containers."

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Panama as a Global Multimodal Cargo Hub

February 2012

Panama's advantages in combining sea, air and rail transport will be featured at the XVI International Maritime Conference and Exposition.

Businessman Eduardo Segura emphasized that Panama’s advantage in business regarding logistics lies in its capabilities as a multimodal center, where railway, ports, air and sea freight used simultaneously are the country’s greatest strength, which must be further advanced.

Panama: Rail Activity Down 30%

November 2009

Cargo and passenger transportation fell 30% between November 2008 and June 2009.

The drop in cargo transportation was caused by a considerable reduction in sea shipping activity from companies like Maersk, APL and Evergreen.

"Passenger transportation was also hit with a 30% reduction", reported Prensa.com, "this is explained by the inauguration of the Panama-Colón Highway".

Alternate Routes for Cargo Stuck at Las Manos

July 2009

Alternate paths were authorized for Nicaraguan cargo stuck at the border, in order to reach Port Cortés in Honduras.

Due to the Honduran conflict, some 250 Nicaraguan cargo containers are blocked from entering Honduras at the border post of Las Manos.

Nicaragua's customs authority, known as DGA, authorized trucks "to be routed to El Espino and El Guasaule, where they can enter Honduras and continue towards Port Cortés, in the Caribbean coast of the country", according to newspaper Elnuevodiario.com.ni.

Panama Canal Reduces its Rates

May 2009

As a measure to support the maritime industry during the economic crisis, container-ship fees will be temporarily reduced.

The plan announced by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) will be in effect from June 1 to September 30, 2009 and it includes a reduction in the fees for container ships and more flexibility in the reservation system.