El Salvador: Congress Reaffirms NO to Scanning Fee

Congress has confirmed the exemption from payment of $18 for non intrusive inspections of all goods, including exports and imports.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The suspension of the payment of $18 for the X-ray inspection of the goods will be for six months from its publication in the Official newspaper, providing President Funes endorses it.

From a press release issued by the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador:

Provision enacted to suspend for 6 months $18 fee in customs offices.

The Legislature approved with 79 votes, a provision applied to "Customs Simplification Act" to be suspended for a period of six months, the payment of the fee for the provision of non-intrusive inspections referred to in Article 12-B of the Act.

This measure was taken into account because the application of charges for those services "has caused delays in the transfer of goods entering or leaving the country through different customs offices."

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El Salvador: President Vetoes Suspension of Scanner Fee

February 2014

Salvadoran exporters and importers will continue to pay the $18 fee per load and only goods passing through will be exempt from the fee.

The authentic interpretation of the decree eliminating a charge of $18 for the non-intrusive inspection services at Salvadoran Customs offices was vetoed by President Mauricio Funes.

El Salvador: Request for Repayment of Scanner Fees

January 2014

While in customs offices the $18 fee is still being charged, those employers affected by it are concerned and are asking for a refund of what they have already paid.

The Chamber of Commerce of El Salvador (CCES) expects the authentic interpretation of the decree exempting the charge for the service of non-intrusive inspection of exports and imports and international transit of goods, to be published soon in the Official Journal, as the $18 fee is still being charged at the borders of the country.

Exemption from $18 Customs Fee applies to all Transport

January 2014

The suspension of payment for customs inspections in El Salvador applies to goods in international transit and those with a local destination.

From a press release issued by the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador:

The Legislature has approved an authentic interpretation of Decree 604, approved on January 16, which contains exceptional and transitional provisions applied to the "Customs Simplification Act" to suspended for a period of 180 days, the fee for the provision of non-intrusive inspections, whose office of departure and destination are within or outside the borders of El Salvador.

Customs Offices in El Salvador: Suspension of $18 Fee

January 2014

President Funes has asked Congress to suspend for 180 days the fee charged for inspecting goods in transit using scanners.

From a press release issued by the Presidency of El Salvador:

The President, Mauricio Funes, today appealed to the Legislature, through a project for a proposed temporary decree, to suspend the collection of $18 for non-intrusive inspections in the case of goods going through customs offices which are destined to go out of the country, an issue which has generated a dispute at the borders.