El Salvador: Confusion Continues Over Scanner Charges

Carriers claim that the new rules on the $18 fee for revision using scanners is not clear when it comes to charging the fee on consolidated cargo.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

This new conflict has arisen from the fact that the rules of the law do not specify whether in the case of consolidated cargo the $18 must be paid per package or if the fee should be divided among all packages, as they claim has been done up until now. The administrative provision indicates that the payment of the fee must be made with the goods declaration, ie consolidated loads must pay for each packet, for each declaration presented and not a single fee per container.

The executive director of the Corporation of Exporters of El Salvador, Silvia Cuellar told Elmundo.com.sv that "... In the case of the consolidated loads, where merchandise from several owners can be transported, the basic document is the cargo manifest which, if replaced by the declaration of goods, forces the owners of each parcel to pay $18 individually rather that the fee being divided among them all, as they used to do. This will cause a rise in costs for small and medium businesses using the mechanism of consolidation and those who send commercial samples to other countries or are forced to divide a shipment into several parts."

The president of the Salvadoran Association of International Cargo Carriers, Raul Alfaro, added "... The wording of the new law is confusing, therefore we have requested meetings with the director of the Directorate General of Customs, Carlos Cativo to clarify the terms of the proposal. "

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El Salvador: Cargo In Transit Will Not Incur Scanner Fee

December 2014

With the amendment to the Customs Simplification Act charges for inspections using scanners on international freight have been eliminated, but are maintained for cargo of national origin or destination.

The Legislature has eliminated the fee of $18 for use of scanners on international freight, but not on national cargo, ie freight departing from or arriving at El Salvador.

El Salvador: Failures in Inspections Scans

February 2014

Exporters have reported inconsistencies in the system of non-intrusive inspections at customs offices in El Salvador.

Exporters are complaining they have paid the $18 fee more than once for scanned inspections of the same container. This is because "in some cases they are charging per product declaration issued not per the number of containers, in other words, if a container has more than one product then you must pay the fee for each one ...".

El Salvador: President Vetoes Suspension of Scanner Fee

February 2014

Salvadoran exporters and importers will continue to pay the $18 fee per load and only goods passing through will be exempt from the fee.

The authentic interpretation of the decree eliminating a charge of $18 for the non-intrusive inspection services at Salvadoran Customs offices was vetoed by President Mauricio Funes.

Confusion in El Salvador Over Exceptions To Scanner Fee

January 2014

Salvadoran exporters are asking for clarification over the regulation that puts on hold the fee of $18 per inspection of goods.

The Corporation of Exporters of El Salvador (Coexport) asked the Government to clarify which goods have to be inspected at customs and pay the $18 fee. They explain that there is confusion occurring at the regional level which must be addressed.