El Salvador: Comédica Builds Administrative Headquarters

The Medical College’s Financial Cooperative is building a 2,500 square meter building that will be its administrative headquarters.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The aim is to centralize the various offices of the cooperative which are currently spread across various sectors.

An article in Elsalvador.com detailed some of the features of the new building: "It will have parking space for approximately 100 vehicles. It will also have drive-thru banking to facilitate motorist transactions."

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Bank Credit Statistics in Costa Rica

February 2016

Up to December 2015 28% of the total banking portfolio was destined for consumption activities, 26% to the construction sector and 16% to service activities.

Financial Monitoring figures compiled by the Commercial Intelligence unit at CentralAmericaData com show that credit unions are the institutions who awarded the most loans of this type, with 29.8% of their total portfolio.

Financial Cooperatives in Costa Rica

October 2012

For the volume of assets and loan portfolios they manage, cooperatives together make up the fourth largest financial operator ivn the country.

In Costa Rica, the 30 cooperatives under the supervision of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Sugef) exceed in value the assets and loan portfolio of the "private bank BAC San José and are below the banks, Banco Nacional, Banco de Costa Rica and Banco Popular which are funded by public capital. "

El Sol Loan Center to Operate in Guatemala

March 2009

The financial firm, property of the Puerto Rican Caribbean Financial Group (CFG), will begin operations in April.

It will focus on financing for businesses that sell on credit and on personal loans.

According to the note published in elPeriódico in Guatemala, the corporation "has more than $300 million in assets and offices in Panama, Aruba, the Netherlands Antilles, Trinidad and Tobago and Mexico.

Savings guaranteed in El Salvador

December 2008

The IGD will extend its savings guarantee to $8,500 for clients in cooperative banks and non banking financial institutions.

As reported by elsalvador.com, the Institute for Savings Guarantee (IGD) "will provide a guarantee similar to that currently in place for banks regulated under the Banking Law, to these organizations, that will join the Institute as member entities".