El Salvador: Advances in Water Law

The Committee on the Environment and Climate Change has already approved about 40 definitions contained in Article 9 of the four Water Law projects, which is 80% complete.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

From a statement issued by the Legislature:

August 21. The Environment and Climate Change Committee approved, in this afternoon's working session, an approximation of 40 definitions contained in Art. 9 of the four Water Law projects, with which there is an advance of 80%.

See: "Controversial Water Law"

Water quality, pollutant load, conduits, flows, rivers, reservoirs, water planning, shallow or artisanal wells, reservoirs, discharge, aquifer recharge area, environmental flow or ecological flow, hydrological cycle, hydrographic account, integral management of water resources, consumptive use of water and hydrographic area, are some concepts endorsed by most parliamentary groups, following the technical team's presentation of the draft proposal.

"The work done so far is positive because we are moving forward in each session, reiterating the commitment to advance in the study of the water law and thus give the country a much needed regulation," said Deputy President Martha Evelyn Batres (ARENA) . 

As part of the methodology for addressing the issue, that legislative body asked the technical team - made up of institutional advisors, from the fractions and the non-partisan deputy - to continue holding meetings every Friday to present consensus proposals on each working day, taking into consideration the four pre-projects presented, which will then be submitted for consideration by the legislators in the next session of the commission.

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March 2018

In Panama, growth in water consumption is putting pressure on reservoirs and forcing the design of new alternatives for improving infrastructure, starting with the creation of new reservoirs.

Data from the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) indicates that 350 million gallons of water are currently being consumed per day, an amount that it was thought would not be reached until 2025. 

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Creating a Vice Ministry of water resources is being considered in order to monitor use of this resource and impose sanctions on those carrying out unauthorized diversion of rivers.

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The industrial sector's fear of losing privileges and taking on responsibility is stalling the bill in Congress.

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