El Salvador Approves Law Against Extortion

The Legislature has passed a law authorizing the Attorney General to carry out investigations on its own initiative, without the need for a formal complaint.

Monday, March 23, 2015

From a statement issued by the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador:

The National Assembly unanimously passed the Special Law Against Crime Extortion, which will toughen criminal and procedural sanctions, as well as administrative measures for the prevention, investigation, and prosecution of the crime of extortion.

The legislation provides that the offense will be officially investigated by the Attorney General's Office (FGR), ie it will not be necessary to have a timely complaint in order to open the a case. It also dictates a special confinement regime for those who are prosecuted for this crime.

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El Salvador Approves $152 million More for Security

May 2016

Despite the rising fiscal deficit, the Legislature has approved a new debt issue of $152 million to finance the construction of prisons and strengthen the fight against crime.

From a statement issued by the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador:

After continuous meetings and bilateral approaches, the Legislature unanimously authorized the Executive Body to issue Credit Securities, worth up to $152 million, which will be used to meet the full funding that is required for the timely implementation of extraordinary measures for public safety, -the same execution which began just over a month ago and whose results are palpable in terms of reducing homicide and extortion -, and other activities related thereto.

El Salvador: Growing Industrial Unrest Due to Insecurity

March 2016

Businessmen have stated their categorical opposition to statements made by a government official that confuse extortion with the funding of organized crime.

The statements by the Technical Secretary of the Presidency of El Salvador, Roberto Lorenzana, against companies in the country that suffer from extortion caused a strong reaction from the private sector, four days after Industrias La Constancia publicly announced that it was suspending operation of its plants because of increasing insecurity and violence.

El Salvador: Law Against Extortion In Effect

April 2015

President Sanchez Ceren has passed a Special Law Against Crime Extortion, which aims to improve the fight against the unfortunate practice which primarily affects the business sector.

From a statement issued by the presidency of El Salvador:

The president, Salvador Sanchez Ceren, has sanctioned Legislative Decree No.

El Salvador: SMEs Overwhelmed by Extortion

September 2013

70% of Salvadoran SMEs are victims of crimes of extortion, which are only reported in a small percentage of cases, for fear of reprisals.

The Attorney General of the Republic of El Salvador has proposed advising and protecting small and micro entrepreneurs who denounce the atrocities of which they are victims.