El Salvador: Military Airport may be reactivated for Commercial Use

An announcement has been made that there will be a review of the conditions of the infrastructure at El Jagüey airport so see if it has capacity for international commercial flights.

Monday, July 7, 2014

In order to alleviate air traffic at the international airport of El Salvador, the authorities of the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA) and Civil Aviation will be evaluating the state of the military airport in La Union for its potential to become an international airport.

The president of the Aviation Authority, Rene Lopez, told Elsalvador.com that "... the aim is to decongest flights arriving at El Salvador International Airport and also give greater potential to the east, which is also hoping to grow with the help of funds from a possible second Fomilenio donation from the United States. "

"... Parallel to this inspection a feasibility study is being carried out and funding sought." The owner of CEPA, Nelson Vanegas, "... said a few days ago that would be required, in principle, was to improve and extend the runway for commercial flights so that it can receive over 120 passengers. According to aviation authorities, with this new terminal the flow of tourists from across the region will increase."

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Air Transport: El Salvador Prepares for Reactivation

August 2020

After authorities submitted the biosecurity protocols, the Oscar Romero International Airport is scheduled to resume operations on September 4.

The plan of the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA) is that as of Friday September 4, the skies of El Salvador will be open for connecting flights and as of September 19 for commercial passenger flights.

Insecurity for Investments in Comalapa

March 2016

Tenants of commercial property at the international airport have announced they will not make investments until the government states whether it will renew contracts and maintain rent costs.

The lack of concrete answers from the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA) could endanger new investment of at least 84 tenants operating in the El Salvador International Airport, reported Elsalvador.com.

Plans to Renew International Airport in El Salvador

January 2013

Civil Aviation Authorities believe the public private partnership format would be the best method to use for the airport’s management.

The Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA) will begin studies for renovation of facilities at Ilopango International Airport.

The lack of maintenance and weather conditions in the area have caused the airport to deteriorate.

New Proposal for Expanding El Salvador's Airport

August 2009

Canadian company SNC-Lavalin presented their proposal for expanding the airport.

Ernesto Altschul is the manager of CEPA, the government authority overseeing the project. He said that "Generally, they endorse the concept by Aéroports de Paris of a three-stage terminal".

"In Septebmer 2007, CEPA received from Aéroports de Paris (AdPi) a 3-stage master plan for developing El Salvador International Airport (AIES).