El Salvador: $60 million in Real Estate Project

The company Urbánica Desarrollos Inmobiliarios plans to develop an residential project, known as Portal Canarias in a 15.7 hectare area in El Espino.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The project, which includes four residential condominiums, will generate about five thousand jobs both direct and indirect, said Alvaro Barraza, Commercial Manager of the project.

"According to Barraza, Portal Canarias is inspired by the Atlantic archipelago of the same name, and each condominium building - Puerta Gran Canaria, Allegranza, La Palma and Los Faros, aims to meet the needs of different types of families in El Salvador, but gathered together in an environmentally friendly space that will give all residents the opportunity to experience a fusion of nature, urban creativity and security", reported Elsalvador.com.

The first condominium building to be constructed, Puerta Gran Canaria, with 100 homes, will be finalized in 2013.

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$58 million Residential Development Project

July 2017

Urbánica has announced that it is planning to start building the first of three 14-storey buildings and 112 apartments in Antiguo Cuscatlán at the end of this year.

The developer plans to start building the first of the towers later this year, and construction of a second and third will depend on the sales process. According to Alejandro Duenas, executive director of Urbánica, in the first phase of construction $24 million will be invested.  

El Salvador: Residential Project for $14 million

May 2015

The developer Urbánica in San Salvador has started construction of 57 apartments in two towers each with 11 floors.

The towers will be built within the Conjunto Condominal Portal Canarias residential project, which with this new stage, will complete a total investment of $60 million, said Alejandro Dueñas, executive director of Urbánica to Elsalvador.com.

El Salvador: $22 Million in Urban Development

June 2012

The project Puerta La Palma, developed by the Real Estate division Dueñas Hermanos Ltda., will feature 66 homes, with a construction area of between 265 square meters and 283 square meters.

The project, targeting high income families, will be located in what the developers call "District El Espino", which ecompasses the area from Gran Via shopping center down to La Castellana, Portal Ribera, the residential site El Espino and Portal Canarias.

$25.3 Million in Salvadoran Residential Development

May 2010

Portal del Casco is a new residential project by Urbánica, the real estate division of Dueñas Hermanos Ltda.

The project will comprise 92 lots over 30 squares, in a nature friendly environment. 60 lots will be up for sale in the first phase.

“$25.3 million will be invested in the project: $10 million in infrastructure costs, and the rest in land value. They will build ‘town house’ residences”, reported Laprensagrafica.com.