El Salvador: $35 million in Renewable Energy

Kimberly Clark is investing $12.5 million in the construction of a biomass boiler and $22.2 million in a cogeneration power plant at its production plant in San Juan Opico.

Monday, August 31, 2015

The two power plants will have capacity to produce 14 MW, energy which will be used for the production plant which the multinational operates in Sitio del Niño, San Juan Opico.

"... With the implementation of this double project, called Tonalli, the multinational dedicated to the manufacture of hygiene products, seeks not only to support the generation of clean energy and reduce their energy bills, but also to avoid blackouts which occur on the national network, a phenomenon that causes losses of approximately $500,000 a year. "

"... The operations manager of Kimberly Clark, Rodrigo Cruz, explained to Eleconomista.net that the investment in the biomass boiler will amount to $12.5 million. With the plant, which will generate 15 tons / hour from steam, paper production is expected to increase. Meanwhile, the disbursement for the cogeneration power plant will be $22.2 million. It is projected to supply 100% of electricity consumption, a percentage which, however, will depend on the peaks of production. "

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Paper: $18 Million in Investment in Industrial Plant

January 2021

Kimberly-Clark is investing in the purchase of machinery with new technology and the refurbishment of its toilet paper and napkin production plant, which operates in the municipality of San Juan Opico, El Salvador.

The investment will focus on renovating the 13,164-square-meter operating facility. With this investment, the company expects to increase the production capacity of its Scott and Kleenex lines by 30%.

Costa Rica: $3 million for Biomass Boiler

June 2016

The food and beverage company Florida Ice and Farm will be installing a biomass boiler to generate energy in its alcoholic beverages production plant.

The boiler will be set up in the plant producing beer and other alcoholic beverages and its entry into operation is scheduled for late 2017.

El Salvador: $24 million Biomass Plant

August 2014

The textile firm Hanes Brands has announced the construction of a power plant based on Kingras, capable of generating between 2.5 MW and 5.5 MW.

Representatives from Hanes Brands in El Salvador indicated that the purpose of the investment is "... to reduce energy demand and reduce costs. It has been estimated that the installed capacity will allow for a self-sufficiency energy level of 60% for making textiles. "

Kimberly-Clark Will Increase Production by 50%

July 2009

With a $24 million investment in expanding its production facility in El Salvador, output will reach 240 metric tons of tissue paper.

The investment is done within the framework of the "Proyecto Cortés," which aims to expand the factory located in Sitio del Niño, in San Juan Opico.