El Salvador: $32 million for Water Treatment

Fomilenio II will finance feasibility studies for four treatment plant projects and a one technical assistance project, all submitted by private companies, estimated at $32 million.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

These five studies will have a cost of approximately $570,000, provided by FOMILENIO II, and will be used to determine the feasibility of public investments. Collectively, investors plan to invest $31.7 million.

A statement by FOMILENIO II indicates that the studies will take between two and nine months. If the results indicate that the required investment is feasible, FOMILENIO II will disburse the required funding. Public goods installed with these funds will be returned to their respective municipalities, who will then manage them and ensure their sustainability.

From the statement issued by Fomilenio II:

On 21 March, 2017, work orders for the start of pre-feasibility studies were signed for five public benefit projects proposed by private investors to FOMILENIO II: 

1.  The construction of a wastewater treatment plant  in the municipality of Nejapa (San Salvador).  

2.  Improvements to the drinking water system in the villages El Palmarcito and San Isidro (La Libertad).  

3.  Improving the drinking water system in the cooperative and community of San Carlos, El Paisnal (San Salvador).  

4. Training and technical assistance for farmers operating in the APANC cooperative who are developing dairy products and implementation of improvements in production processes (Chalatenango).  

5.   Construction of wastewater treatment plant in the area of Zonte (La Libertad). 

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More on this topic

Construction of Treatment Plant Authorized

December 2018

In El Salvador, the contract for the design and construction of the $4 million El Zonte wastewater treatment plant in Chiltiupán, La Libertad, was signed.

From the Fomilenio II statement:

December 12th, 2018. FOMILENIO II signed the contract for the design and construction of the El Zonte wastewater treatment plant in Chiltiupán, La Libertad.

Approval for Water Treatment Work

October 2018

In El Salvador, an agreement was signed to begin construction of the municipal wastewater treatment plant in Nejapa, which will require an investment of $5 million.

Fomilenio II informed that the work will oversee the Spanish company INYPSA - Informe y Proyectos, S.A. The supervision of the project will be carried out by the Salvadoran company OS Constructores, S.A. de C.V. for a value of $310,406.

El Salvador: $21 million for Sewerage Works

April 2018

With resources from Fomilenio II, a residential and industrial wastewater treatment system will be built in August of this year in the municipality of Nejapa.

From a statement issued by Fomilenio II:

FOMILENIO II, the company Lactolac and the municipality of Nejapa signed an investment agreement for $20.8 million which will improve the quality of life of more than 16,000 people in the locality, it will contribute to improving the business climate in the municipality of Nejapa - due to the potential productive area- and to conserve natural resources, as it seeks to contain the process of contamination of the San Antonio River.

El Salvador: Five projects for Fomilenio II

October 2015

A wind farm, street lighting, improvements in the airport's cargo terminal, a technology park and improvements in customs offices, are the five proposals which have been passed on for a further stage of analysis.

The five projects will be evaluated in a second instance to determine whether they are viable for development via public-private partnerships using funding from the Fomilenio II program.