El Salvador: $24 million Biomass Plant

The textile firm Hanes Brands has announced the construction of a power plant based on Kingras, capable of generating between 2.5 MW and 5.5 MW.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Representatives from Hanes Brands in El Salvador indicated that the purpose of the investment is "... to reduce energy demand and reduce costs. It has been estimated that the installed capacity will allow for a self-sufficiency energy level of 60% for making textiles. "

It is expected that the plant will be located in San Juan Opico, La Libertad and will be built within seven months ... allowing the company to gradually replace the use of petroleum-derived sources in two of its manufacturing facilities, namely its manufacturing plant for socks and its textile plant."

René Villareal, vice president of operations for Central Hanesbrands, told Elmundo.com.sv that '...The main benefit of the operation is to reduce the consumption of four million gallons of oil, which represents a reduction of approximately 33,000 metric tons of emissions of gases.'"

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El Salvador: $35 million in Renewable Energy

August 2015

Kimberly Clark is investing $12.5 million in the construction of a biomass boiler and $22.2 million in a cogeneration power plant at its production plant in San Juan Opico.

The two power plants will have capacity to produce 14 MW, energy which will be used for the production plant which the multinational operates in Sitio del Niño, San Juan Opico.

Costa Rica Does Not Want Private Power Companies

December 2014

Keeping limits on private power generation blocks investments and removes the possibility of reducing prices and improving competitiveness.

According to the Costa Rican government authorities, the country's electricity demand is covered until 2019, an argument which has been used to rule out the draft Contingency Power Act, which proposed increasing private power generation in the country.

Guatemala to Reduce Electricity Costs

September 2014

The state run power company estimated that starting May 2015 the cost of electricity will go down from $165 to $109 MW/h, as a result of its energy diversification.

The entry into force of contracts which were awarded in tender processes using the method of successive rounds will create a reduction of up to $56 MW / h, according to Jorge Alonso, manager of Empresa Eléctrica de Guatemala (EEGSA).

Guatemala: $8.9 million Investment in Coal-Based Electricity

September 2011

The Magdalena Sugar Mill will invest the money in its power plant in order to replace the current consumption of bunker fuel for coal.

The new plant will increase generation capacity to 120 megawatts. Located in La Democracia, Escuintla, it is expected to begin operations in January 2013.