El Salvador: $16 million for Agricultural Packages

Despite a reduction in the budget, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock plans to allocate $16.2 million to the purchase of agricultural products.

Friday, December 15, 2017

With the budget cut to be approved by the Legislative Assembly, the funds that the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock will have available to tender agricultural packages will be $16.2 million, $1 million less than in 2016.

"... If the parties do not reach an agreement in the Legislative Assembly before closing the year, the MAG will start 2018 with the same budget for 2017. Orestes Ortez, head of the MAG, said that in that case they would carry out the tender without taking into account the reduction in the allocated amount."

In an article by Laprensagrafica.com, Ortez added that   "...
In the event that the budget is approved, they will request a reinforcement in the first quarter as a complement, 'because this package is something that has a great deal of positive impact on food security'."

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Funding to Renovate Coffee Plantations Confirmed

March 2018

The Salvadoran government has announced that CABEI has approved an $80 million loan to finance the coffee plantation renewal plan.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Agriculture:

The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Orestes Ortez, reported that the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE) approved an $80 million loan requested by the Salvadoran government, aimed at renovating the country 's coffee plantations and strengthening this productive sector.

El Salvador: $80 million to Renovate Coffee Plantations

February 2018

The Ministry of Agriculture foresees having the resources available in April, once the Legislature approves the disbursement by the BCIE.

A new government attempt to renovate coffee plantations gained momentum in December last year, after the Legislative Assembly approved a reform to the Law to Create the Coffee Production Support Trust, to facilitate access to financing for coffee growers.

El Salvador: Seeds for $25 Million

September 2015

The government has announced the purchase of agricultural packages containing basic grains to be distributed among 400,000 subsistence farmers.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG):

The Minister of Agriculture, Orestes Ortez, announced that the government will soon start buying maize and bean seeds that are to be delivered as part of agricultural parcels, a program of vital importance in ensuring food security for Salvadoran families.

El Salvador's 2014 Budget is $4.66 billion

November 2013

Congress has unanimously endorsed the National General Budget for 2014 with an increase of $174 million compared to 2013.

From a press release issued by the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador:

The National Assembly has unanimously passed the General Budget of the Nation and the corresponding Wages Act for Fiscal Year 2014.