Economic Development Zones: Projects Move Forward

Puerta del Istmo, Centro Logístico Quetzal and ZDEEP Piedras Negras, are the projects advancing in Guatemala in the process of becoming Zones of Special Public Economic Development.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

After the Santo Tomás de Castilla Free Trade and Industry Zone (Zolic) approved in April the first Special Public Economic Development Zone (ZDEEP) called "Michatoya Pacifico", which is on the Puerto Quetzal, Escuintla Highway, there are three other projects that have begun the process to establish.

One of the projects is Puerta del Istmo, which plans to be installed in Pajapita, San Marcos. In this ZDEEP it is planned that two companies operate, one dedicated to the manufacture of diapers and the other focused on commercial activities.

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Regarding the process in which Puerta del Istmo is, Fredy Palma, manager of Zolic, explained to that "... the company has already presented its file to Zolic but it was returned to the company to correct some errors of form, based on Article 10 of the regulation."

The article states that "... interest has been shown in promoting the project called Centro Logístico Quetzal, which will be located at kilometer 98 on the road to Puerto Quetzal. In this case we are working on the studies and we are following up in order for them to present their request."

ZDEEP Piedras Negras, is another project that would be installed in the village of Santo Tomás de Castilla, in Puerto Barrios, Izabal. According to representatives of Zolic, in this case has not made an official request to begin the approval process, however, there are already approaches on the part of the company.

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New Economic Development Zone Endorsed

December 2020

In Guatemala, the Miel Verde project, Special Public Economic Zone, was approved. In its first phase of development, it will require an investment of close to $4 million and will be located in the municipality of Río Hondo, department of Zacapa.

The new special zone will have a total area of 23,544 square meters, however, in the first phase only an area of approximately 5,173 square meters will be developed.

Economic Development Zone Begins Operations

November 2020

In Guatemala, the "Puerta del Istmo", a Special Public Economic Development Zone located in Pajapita, department of San Marcos, began operating.

In October 2019 CentralAmericaData reported that Guatemalan authorities had approved the operation of a Special Public Economic Development Zone (ZDEEP) called "Puerta del Istmo". The complex located in San Marcos became the second EPZ to receive approval, as the first to be approved was "Michatoya Pacifico."

Incentives That Work

March 2019

In Guatemala, five private projects to build economic development zones are already in the process of being processed, only two months after the regulation defining the fiscal benefits to develop them came into force.

On February 4, the Law on Special Public Economic Development Zones (ZDEEP) came into effect, which provides for tax benefits consisting of a 10-year exemption from 100% income tax, as well as the temporary suspension of taxes associated with imports, among others.

Tax Benefits for Companies in Special Zones

February 2019

The regulation for Special Public Economic Development Zones, which came into effect in Guatemala on February 4, establishes fiscal incentives for companies operating under this scheme.

Among the tax benefits provided by the Law on Special Public Economic Development Zones (ZDEEP), include the exemption for 10 years of 100% of income tax, as well as the temporary suspension of taxes associated with imports.