E-commerce and the Future of Packaging

Given the rise of online commerce to the detriment of traditional channels, the contact point between customers and brands is packaging, which must meet the demands of consumers, who are increasingly responsible for the environment.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Studies carried out by companies that provide courier services, detail that in a context of booming e-commerce, 90% of companies believe that in the coming years packaging will be more important, in the area of sustainability and in reducing carbon emissions.

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Companies are aware that the main challenge is to keep the costs of the packaging used for product delivery reasonable, as using environmentally friendly materials may not be feasible.

The manufacture of this type of packaging does not seem to be the problem for the companies, since, for example, a study elaborated by the Foreign Trade Promoter (Procomer), details that 55% of the companies of the plastic manufacturing sector of Costa Rica have indicated to have capacity to replace their traditional production of plastics by friendly options, nevertheless, they indicated like limitations the lack of financial capacity of the clients to pay for bioplastics and that the functionality is not always the same one of the traditional ones.

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The tightening of legal frameworks in countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama, where the disposable use of plastic or stereos has been banned, is another factor that forces companies to innovate.

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Elfinancierocr.com reviews that "... In all industries the demand for solid, recyclable and simple packaging is increasing, in order to generate an experience for the customer."

The article adds that "... As e-commerce replaces traditional retailing, home packaging is an essential contact point between customers and brands."

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