EU Has Trouble Reaching Agreements with Latin American Blocs

The problematic attempts by the European Union to reach trade agreements with Mercosur and CAN are bad precedents.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Association Agreement between Central America and Europe, interrupted in Honduras yesterday when the Nicaraguan negotiators left what was the seventh round of negotiations between the parties, adds itself as unfinished business to the others Europe is attempting to negotiate with the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR), comprised of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay and the Andean Community of Nations (CAN).

The article in noted that "this is not the first time that the EU has seen its intentions to reach an agreement with another region frustrated. The EU, made up of 27 countries, and MERCOSUR tried to reach a trade agreement earlier this decade. After several rounds of negotiations, the process was suspended and it has not yet been completed."

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Still No Date for Resumign Negotiations with EU

May 2010

Meanwhile, a new meeting between the economy and trade ministers of Central America will take place on May 5th, in Guatemala.

Even though there are many rumours about it, there still nothing confirmed regarding the resumption of the negotiations between Central America and Europe, after the parties failed to reach an agreement on the most sensitive topics for both.

EU Suspends Meeting with Central America

July 2009

EU countries have decided to temporarily suspend negotiations to reach an association agreement with Central America.

Sources state that “The idea is to continue as soon as possible. All the other Central American countries (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua) have been informed and they have agreed.

EU announces $19 million for Central America

January 2009

The European Union has announced this aid to help with the integration of the region ahead of the next round of negotiations for reaching an agreement of association. reports: "With this aid package, the community Executive wants to contribute to the consolidation of the regional institutions in Central America and the participation of the social organizations in the process, the EC indicated in a release."

Central American ministers review progress on free trade

June 2008

Deputy economy ministers of Central America and the Dominican Republic met in San Salvador to evaluate the region's trade agreements with other countries.

Central America and the Dominican Republic signed the Cafta accord with the United States in 2004, and the Central American countries are currently negotiating an association with the European Union.