E-Marketing: Effective and Low Cost

In this new breed of marketing to the “4Ps” (product, placement, price, promotion) the following been added: flow, functionality, feedback and loyalty (“4Fs” in Spanish).

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Internet, new information management tools and methodologies, combined with globalization, are redefining the way products are marketed.

Cristina Vílchez, writing for Americaeconomia.com, comments that, “new tools are available for companies to use to reach customers. One of these is e-marketing, also referred to as digital or online marketing, which is based around the idea of direct, personal and interactive communications that produce a reaction from the receiver”.

The new cornerstones of e-marketing are: flow (multi-directional information), functionality (usability of features), feedback (100% measurable) and building customer loyalty (honesty of communication).

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"Users of the microblogging network do not represent real-world consumers ."

Although the network has now reached 230 million users, experts are warning that they are not a fair sample of the population to which companies want to target their advertising messages.

"Twitter is a place for people addicted to their digital devices, who are terribly worried about missing out on the latest tweet by Edward Snowden and are faithful believers that the world is interested in reading all of their publications.

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