Don't Let Your Ego Ruin Your Business

Self control of a leader's ego and being flexible when it comes to enrich ideas with contributions from his or her team can be critical for a company's future.

Friday, February 12, 2016

An employer can be as bright as they are stubborn. Like any good entrepreneur, you're so in love with your idea, and so happy with your project, that this can lead to resistance from hearing about alternative ways of doing things or that your original idea could be improved. reports that "... the road for talented people is tortuous, and executives and entrepreneurs sometimes contribute to making them worse. We express our desire to attract lucid, intelligent, creative, responsible people, to help us move forward with our goals, and at the moment of truth, we reject any approaches, discard opinions, we file away the suggestions. "

"... We tend to corner ideas. We find a lot of pretexts not to listen. We do not believe that a young inexperienced person can bring anything valuable, but neither do we listen to the person who is very experienced and has spent years working; we are suspicious of the proposal presented to us and we miss out on a wealth of benefits. "

This report warns us about what a leader in the company can lose by feeling intimidated by talented team members, and invites us to take advantage of those wise elements to benefit our businesses and create potentially favorable situations for the generation in progress and improvements in management.

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