Dominican Republic: $8 million for Cocoa Production

The Agricultural Bank has set up a fund of $8.1 million, which will be used for the execution of several cocoa production projects in different parts of the country.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Through a statement issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, the head of the institution, Osmar Benítez, explained that " ... the Agricultural Bank has disposed of a fund of 400 million pesos ($8.1 million) to execute several projects to boost cocoa production in the country."

See "The cocoa business in the Dominican Republic"

The document shows that, according to Benítez, " ... these funds will allow a mechanism to be established to raise productivity and improve crops, as well as strengthening health systems. "

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"He also said that a commission of 10 technicians will be created, two from the Department of Plant Health and eight from the National Cocoa Commission to prevent the entry into the country of Cacao Moniliasis." 

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Support for the Cocoa Sector

October 2018

Producers in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, will have a processing plant, technical assistance and a global distribution network.

The funds from the Italian-Latin American International Organization (IILA) and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) are part of the project entitled "Revitalization of the quality cocoa chain in Central America and the Caribbean."

The Cocoa Business in the Dominican Republic

May 2018

Between 2016 and 2017, cocoa exports plummeted by 41%, going from $227 million to $134 million, a reduction largely explained by weather conditions.

According to representatives from the sector, in order to boost the crop in the country investment needs to be made in replacing plantations, as the performance currently recorded shows far from ideal figures.

Nicaraguan Cocoa in the "Big Leagues"

September 2015

The country's inclusion in the list of fine cacao producers drawn up by the International Cocoa Organization has improved product positioning in the major buyer markets.  

From a statement issued by ProNicaragua:

As of September 21st, Nicaragua joined the list of countries of fine cocoa producers drawn up by the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO), after the country’s cocoa production was recognized as 100 percent fine cocoa.

Cocoa Chamber Created in Nicaragua

August 2014

The creation of the union of cocoa farmers in the country aims to implement comprehensive strategies to promote the long-term development of the sector.

More than 60 independent producers and cooperatives have appointed a team to coordinate the legal aspects of the formalization of the Chamber, with which they seek to have better representation and greater government support.