Domestic Coffee Consumption Grows in Guatemala

The domestic consumption of coffee in Guatemala has doubled in the last 5 years from 200,000 to 400,000 quintals.

Monday, March 9, 2009

An article by Cristina Bonillo in described the growing coffee consumption market in Guatemala, noting the recent proliferation of cafes and coffee shops and analyzing the various companies involved in this sector.

Brands such as Café León, Café Barista, McCafé, El Cafetalito and &café have grown in the number of establishments and plan to continue opening shops.

According to statistics from the National Coffee Association of Guatemala, the average Guatemalan consumes two cups of coffee a day.

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Coffee, Pandemic and Consumption Habits

August 2020

Due to the global confinement decreed by the covid-19 outbreak, coffee shops, restaurants and tourist establishments reduced the demand for coffee, but increased Internet sales and marketing of the grain in supermarket chains.

Another change that has been reported in the context of the pandemic is the rise in the international price of the quintal of gold coffee, which for the coffee year 2019-2020 stands at $156.48, an amount that is 9% higher than that recorded for the cycle 2018-2019, when it was quoted at $143.90.

Consumption of Gourmet Coffee Up in Guatemala

October 2010

Helped by coffee shops, domestic consumption of quality coffee has increased over the past 6 years.

Currently the country produces about 4.5 million kilograms of green coffee, of which 400.000 is for domestic consumption.

"Although Guatemala produces one of the best beans in the world, coffee consumption was low (only 1.7 cups per person) until 2004 and the grain consumed was of lower quality.

McCafé Opens in El Salvador

July 2010

McDonald’s Mesoamérica, owner of the franchise, will inaugurate its first McCafé in Salvadoran soil.

Álvaro Cofiño, president of McDonald’s Mesoamérica, noted that this is the start of a new stage for their Salvadoran operations.

“The businessman – who didn’t reveal how much was invested – explained that although the coffee shop market has become very competitive in El Salvador, they will benefit from the experience in customer service obtained in Guatemala, in addition to the quality of their products and the cleanliness of their stores”, reported

Nicaragua Consumes More Coffee

February 2010

Domestic coffee consumption has increased from 300.000 yearly quintals to 400.000.

Walter Navas, executive secretary at Conacafe (National Coffee Council), commented that this increase has boosted coffee production. He affirmed their estimate of 1.8 million quintals for the current coffee season.