Dollar Price Goes Down

In Costa Rica, the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar against the Colon began to rise in April, but from the 3rd to date, a fall of up to 12 colones per dollar has been reported.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

After the average exchange rate against the dollar in the Monex wholesale market increased from ¢599.2 to ¢607.9 between March 29 and April 3, there have been continuous declines in the last few days, since as of this month's 17th it decreased to ¢595.8, one of the lowest levels of the year. reviews that "... For economist Daniel Suchar, the recent behavior of the dollar is because of the low participation of large buyers of foreign exchange in the wholesale market, which causes an oversupply and fall in price."

Regarding over-the-counter quotes, data from the Central Bank of Costa Rica detail that during April 17 public banks have quoted the sale of dollars between ¢602 and ¢603.

In the case of private banks, the quotation of the sale of dollars has ranged between ¢602 and ¢607.

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Costa Rica: Dollar Price Falls ₡16

November 2019

Because of the growing supply of dollars in the local market, which is explained in part by the income of $1.5 billion from the recent issue of Eurobonds, so far in November the price per dollar in the wholesale market has been reduced at ₡16,55.

Official figures from the Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR) report a downward trend in recent weeks, as between November 5 and 22 the price has dropped from ₡585,52 to ₡568,97, equivalent to a 3% variation. See full figures.

Dollar Price Keeps Going Down

June 2019

A greater supply of dollars, high local interest rates and a decrease in imports of durable goods explain the decreasing trend of the exchange rate in Costa Rica, which on June 18 reached the lowest level of the year.

In 2018, the dollar price against the Colon was on an upward trend, however, between February 6 and mid-June of this year, there has been a fall of up to 28 colones per dollar.

Colon Depreciation Declines

November 2018

After the fast depreciation that the Costa Rican currency suffered weeks ago against the Dollar, in the last seven days the exchange rate has fallen from ¢629 to ¢615 per dollar.

Between August 16th and November 6th, the exchange rate in the wholesale market Monex registered an increase of 11%, rising from ¢567.97 to ¢628.81.

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October 2018

The upward trend in recent weeks in the dollar's price against the Colon has slowed.

According to figures from the Central Bank (BCCR), the exchange rate on the Monex wholesale market increased between August 17th and October 11th, from ¢568.35 to ¢597.43 per dollar, equivalent to a depreciation of 5.12%.