Does Your Company Have a Negotiation Model?

"Everything we do in a company to meet the goals of our strategic plan depends directly or indirectly on negotiation processes."

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A proposal by Gabriel's Vallone, professor at IEEM, the Business School at the University of Montevideo, suggests that individual negotiating power should be extended in an integral - and in a manner bespoke to for each company-  model covering all business prospects and interests of all of the parties involved, both external and internal ones.  

The goal is to "... ensure that the negotiation becomes a shared organizational competence at all levels.  "

Vallone identifies six basic points to achieve that goal:

1.  "... Map the parties involved in the generation and absorption of economic value: customers, suppliers of raw materials and inputs, suppliers of goods and services related to production, suppliers of other goods and services, employees, financial institutions, state agencies, partners and shareholders."

2.  "... Integrate a trading scheme to those on whom we depend hierarchically as another stakeholder of each of the negotiations that we face. "

Read full article "La negociación como competencia organizacional" (in spanish)

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A dog with a bone comes to a pond and sees its reflection in the water. It thinks it sees another dog with a bone and tries to grab that one too. In doing so, it drops its bone in the water and winds up with nothing.