Do You Want Your Press Release to be Read?

Far too many emails arrive in people's inboxes, therefore if you dont want your business communication to be deleted, it has to be properly structured.

Friday, November 6, 2015


It is very difficult for an email address to not be captured by those unscrupulous people who are dedicated to marketing, and more and more time is wasted because of the tens or hundreds of unwanted communications that are sent (spam). Filters used for this purpose are not always effective and that means entrepreneurs and other decision makers have to choose quickly what to read and what not to read out of the masses of emails that get sent to them every day.

If you want your communication not only to arrive at its destination but to actually be read we suggest the following tips, always keeping in mind the concept that time is money:

Identify yourself clearly
Nobody responds to someone they don't know. If an email is sent by "Communications Corporation", that's the name that should appear as the sender, not "John Doe", the staff member who is performing the task. The address of the sender's mail server should correspond to a company or institution, and not a "" or "".

Be discreet
Do not disclose to all recipients everyone else's email addresses. Use the "Bcc" field, or any of the several methods for creating target groups. Email addresses are personal or corporate assets that nobody likes to be used by others without their express permission.

Clearly describe the topic in the Subject line
Nobody reads topics that are not of direct interest to them. Do not put "press release" in the subject line, rather describe clearly in the title the subject of communication, including the topics to be addressed (tags).

Go straight to the point
Nobody is interested in the fact that "By order of John Doe we are sending this press release,", they only want to read the statement itself.

Do not try to cheat so that your mail gets read
There are now only a few naive people who believe that depositing $100 in a bank account in Cuculandia will earn them $10,000.

Do not use images unless strictly necessary
Images are used by hackers as a vehicle for malicious code (viruses), therefore many email systems do not load them automatically.

Be respectful to your reader
Do not send emails to people who did not request them. Unrequested emails are annoying, and the annoyance causes antipathy to the company or person who sends it, which is not good if you want to do business.

Do not pay for e-mails sent, only for emails read !!
And please do us a favor and do yourself a favor: forward this email to your sales managers and marketing personnel, and the person or company that handles public relations.

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