Dispute Over Items in Fiscal Reform in Guatemala

The Chambers of Commerce and Agriculture submitted to the 4th Constitutional Court challenges against fifteen articles of the Tax Update Law.

Friday, January 25, 2013

These challenges are in addition to those presented last week by the Association of Coffee Exporters, and which will be submitted today, January 25, by the Guatemalan Chamber of Construction, the National Association of Home Builders and Contractors' Guild.

The challenges presented by the Chamber of Commerce and of Agriculture, "focus on eight topics essential to them because they affect their members and encourage many businesses to close down or become informal. Certain themes are the prepayments of Income Tax (ISR), the obligation to appraise at market value all types of transactions including services, the elimination of the tax credit on bills in the small taxpayers regime; questions about the authority that is given to the authority of taxation (SAT) to close businesses and the increase on the sales tax on vehicles.

Jorge Briz, President of the Chamber of Commerce, said the income tax payments force an end of period closure ten days after every quarter, when it used to be 90 days at the end of every year, and found that 99 percent of companies are unable to fulfil the obligation", reports Elperiodico.com.gt.

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Guatemala: More Challenges Against Tax Reform

February 2013

The Chamber of Industry of Guatemala has submitted to the Constitutional Court an appeal against 14 items in the Laws of Taxation and Anti Evasion II.

"We see abuse in the functions that the SAT is acquiring in this new law," said Andres Castillo, president of the Chamber of Industry of Guatemala (CIG).

Business Tax Reclassification Suspended

January 2013

In Guatemala, the Constitutional Court has accepted an appeal filed by businessmen and suspended the application of Article 61 of the tax reform.

Unanimously and provisionally, the Constitutional Court of Guatemala ordered the suspension of Article 61 of the Tax Reform related to reclassification of operations after considering it "patently unconstitutional."

Guatemala: More Pressure on Tax Reform

January 2013

Business associations have submitted a constitutional complaint against the tax package approved by the government of Guatemala.

The Chamber of Commerce of Guatemala (GCC), the Chamber of Agriculture (Camagro) and the Guatemalan Association of Exporters (Agexport), have joined together in order to find a solution to the inconstitutionalities which they allege exist in the new tax rules.

Guatemala: Illegalities Reported in Tax Reform

January 2013

The Coordinating Committee of Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial and Financial Associations is protesting against 40 items in the tax reform laws which came into effect on 1 January.

According to the members, this reform was approved by the Guatemalan Congress without much discussion and in a hasty manner.