Direct Contract for $40 million Building

In order to shorten timeframes the Ministry of Transport and Public Works of Costa Rica intends to award the work not by tender but by private contest.

Friday, February 20, 2015


The difficulty in implementing public works Costa Rica is notorious, due to a heavy system of checks and guarantees which causes sometimes indefinite extensions of state infrastructure projects. Now the Ministry of Public Works itself is seeking to circumvent this legal tangle by awarding a work $40 million through an emergency system of a direct contract contest.

There is an urgent need to reform the rules which cause these obstacles, because ultimately it does not guarantee transparency or the best costs. Meanwhile, the choices made by those responsible for public works to carry out their jobs will be to avoid long procurement procedures, leading to a lack of transparency and paving the way for corruption.

The project in question involves the construction of 30 thousand square meters of an 8 story office building, one story for parking and a roof terrace. It is anticipated that the works will start no later than May and that the building will be completed in early 2017, in order to reduce rental costs. reports that "... Recruitment for the development of the first stage includes structural design, construction of gray work, earthworks and retaining walls. $12.5 million has been budgeted for these jobs."

"... The investment in this building by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (Mopt) will be about $40 million in total, which will reduce rent costs by $2.9 million and public services by an approximate amount of $1.3 million a year. "

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March 2016

In Costa Rica an order has been given to suspend construction of a supervision contract awarded to the state run power company for a road building project, because it is considered outside of its normal tasks.


The confluence of interests within the Costa Rican state bureaucratic corporation has allowed for institutional nepotism, by means of direct contracts between state agencies, to be thought of as beneficial to the interests of society. It is in this way that impediments are created to private companies being awarded public works contracts.

Re-Tender of Building for $40 million

October 2015

After a cancelation due to "damage of the good faith of the bidders," the process to award a contract for the construction of an office building for the Ministry of Public Works of Costa Rica will once again be tendered.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport:

Costa Rica: Direct Purchase of $40 million Building

July 2015

The selected companies Productos de Concreto and the consortium Eurobau-Escosa submitted bids to build the office building for the Ministry of Public Works.

One of the two companies will be selected on Wednesday July 22 with the structural design work starting in August. According to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, the two companies' proposals specify completing the work within eight months.

Direct Contract for Office Building

March 2015

The Ministry of Public Works of Costa Rica has been given authorization to hire, expeditiously and without calling a tender, services for the construction of the first phase of an office building for the entity, estimated at $12.5 million.

The first stage of construction includes the structural design and gray works at the building site.